Roberts Place and Longfellow Ave

Roberts Place and Longfellow Ave

Thanks to Lora King for submitting this pothole picture! Pothole found at the intersection of Roberts Place and Longfellow Ave, near Alvernon Way and Speedway Blvd.


Reported Potholes

We reported two potholes to the City of Tucson on February 25th. One of them, on Euclid and 1st, was finally repaired in the last week of March. While the City of Tucson claims a 16 day repair time, this repair took a month. Our second reported pothole, on Highland and 10th has still not been repaired.

Pothole Repairs

We reported two large potholes on February 25th. One located at 1st Ave and 1st St. and the other located at 10th St. and Highland. It has now been two weeks with no sign of repair. Not only are the potholes still there, but we have received no confirmation that our report has even been looked at. We will keep everyone updated as this process proceeds. 

Speedway/Rosemont Area

Irene Read reported potholes about 9 months ago, and while the city came out and did a quick fix, the potholes are back and are now even bigger! She points out the section on 2nd St. just south of Rosemont/Speedway as being a pothole minefield and another section on Magnolia as being two of the worst areas. 

Irene’s story shows that not only do potholes need to be fixed, but they need to be fixed well! We don’t want them to come back even worse than before!

19th and Euclid

19th and Euclid

Thanks to Laurel Lacher for sending in this bike swallowing pothole!

Euclid and 20th Ave

Euclid and 20th Ave

Thanks to Mike Milczarek for sending in a picture this massive pothole found on Euclid and 20th Ave.

Euclid and 20th Ave

Euclid and 20th Ave

Thanks to Mike Milczarek for sending in this pothole picture. Pothole found at the intersection of Euclid and 20th Ave. (Plus its adorable)