This pledge is to show Tucson City Council that repairing potholes is an important issue to the citizens of Tucson. Potholes are dangerous for drivers, bikers, joggers and walkers and it is time for repairs to be a top priority in Tucson. On April 8th, we will take this list of names to a city council meeting and show the city that our citizens are dedicated to doing their part in fixing our roads. 

“By signing this pledge, I promise to report any dangerous pothole I find around the City of Tucson, doing my part to help keep the streets of Tucson safe.”

Pledge Located Here:

Report a pothole through this page:

List of Pledge Members

  • Laura Unklesbay
  • Korey Cowan
  • David Hughes
  • Lyda Harris
  • Shantidra Smith
  • William Kennedy
  • Caleb Pocock
  • Kelly Kincaid
  • Kasey Bellafiore
  • Lauren Meadows
  • Monika Kawski
  • Annie Teece
  • Lisa Britton
  • Michael Milczarek
  • Denise Mogge
  • James Pyers
  • Candace Staar
  • Ron Okpisz
  • Aubrey McMullen
  • Todd DAddario
  • Cassidy Sopler
  • Aynsley Hawkins
  • Laurel Lacher
  • Irene Read
  • Katherine Tanaka
  • Olivia Ray
  • Elyse Flores
  • McKenzie Grenfell
  • Clarissa Brady
  • Crystal Holland
  • Luis Mariscal
  • Anram Kemem
  • Lindsay Bernert
  • Molly Brady

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