4th Avenue & 20th Street

4th Avenue & 20th Street

Mike Milczarek helped report this pothole on intersection of 4th Avenue and 20th Street to the City of Tucson over a month ago. City employees doing striping work even marked this pothole with a cone to recognize the hazard that existed yet this pothole has still NOT been fixed.


About tucsonpotholes

On March 4th we will be heading over to Tucson City Council to make a speech about the importance of fixing the potholes seen around Tucson. Support us by sending in pictures, stories, or facts you would like us to tell City Council. Send pictures of potholes you see to tucsonpotholes@gmail.com and we will post them on this blog. If you have a story about tripping on a pothole while walking/jogging/biking, etc. we want to hear it! Lets get these potholes fixed and help keep Tucson beautiful!

One response to “4th Avenue & 20th Street”

  1. Mike Milczarek says :

    fixed as of this morning (3/10/14) – someone at the City must be reading this blog!

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